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First funky jazz show in Vietnam

Sep 22, 2008

Tuan HungVietNamNet Bridge - Top Jazz musicians in Vietnam will participate in a funky jazz live concert named “Golden Night” at the Hanoi Opera House on August 29.

Song writer Tuan Hung will bring 12 keyboards and pianos to the stage of the Hanoi Opera House to play jazz music with Quyen Thien Dac and his friends.

“I chose the name Golden Night for the live concert to create an impression, and it will be really impressive. It is not easy to bring 12 keyboards and pianos to the stage. They are gold. Each musical instrument is priced at least $1,500 and it takes time to transport and set up these instruments. So isn’t it a golden night?” Tuan Hung said, smiling.

He disclosed that the set of drums that will be used in the upcoming live concert is the best in Hanoi at present.

Golden Night will last for 90 minutes, instead of two or two and a half hours like other live concerts since Funky music is too “heavy”, so the audience can’t enjoy it for a long time. Funky jazz is still strange to Vietnamese audiences.

In this live concert, musicians will play eight compositions.

(Source: VNE)

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