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Hanoi happens at the Jazz Club tonite October 23

Oct 23, 2004

VietNamNet – Hanoi’s Jazz Club and Quyen Van Minh are putting on the biggest ever Jazz Jam tonite for the 7th anniversary of the capital’s first jazz venue.

The jazzy event will mark the return of Vietnam’s jazz great Quyen Thien Dac along with his latest works, and the unofficial hand over of the Hanoi Jazz Club from Quyen Van Minh to Quyen Thien Dac.

The fun, like most nights, begins after 9pm October 23, when Jazz fans can groove to the soothing and soulful sounds at No 31 Luong Van Can Street, Hanoi.

Big Band, famed veterans of the European Jazz Festival in Vietnam, will hit the stage as well this evening, with regular performances to follow every Jazz Wednesday evening.

by Vietnammet October 23, 2004


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