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Jazz band to usher in the dawn

Apr 18, 2007

VietNamNews - Dawn will arrive early in the capital this Saturday, with a concert by jazz band Song Hong (Red River) entitled Binh Minh (Dawn) II.

The concert at the Ha Noi Opera House will be a second performance of the group’s original Binh Minh show, a hit at the French Cultural Centre L’Espace in February.

Band member Nguyen Bao Long says the main goal of the performance is "to bring jazz nearer to the public", while depicting the new directions the genre is heading.

"We also hope to highlight the latest styles and trends in this kind of music and express the aspirations and passions of enthusiastic young artists," he said.

The 10 original pieces to be performed will be divided into two parts: the first a blend of traditional Vietnamese music and modern jazz, and the second a selection of contemporary jazz pieces.

Since the group’s formation in 1996, led by musician Quyen Van Minh, Song Hong has been showcasing the innovative work of its five members, ambitious students at the Ha Noi Conservatory of Music.

Song Hong has enjoyed several opportunities to take part in master workshops organised by the conservatory, which have allowed them to learn from famous jazz groups from around the world.

The award-winning group has performed in a wealth of international shows, including the 2000 Singapore Tour, the 2nd Annual European Union Jazz Festival in 2003 and the Jazz Festival for Peace in 2006. The group performs regularly at the Jazz Club on 31 Luong Van Can Street, one of Ha Noi’s few venues for live jazz.

VietNamNews 18-4-2007


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