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Quyen Van Minh & Hanoi Jazz

Feb 26, 2003

ABC Radio National - Hanoi born musician QUYEN VAN MINH has overcome many obstacles in his quest to find a Vietnamese voice for Jazz. His father sold his first guitar because his practicing through the night kept awake the seven family members sleeping in a single room. When he got a clarinet, he learned by standing in front of cafes, weddings and the conservatory where clarinets were playing. In 1975, he fell in love with the jazz he heard on the American radio, which he had to practice secretly because it was considered subversive. His wife left him and their two children because of the poverty of the musician's life. So his album, 'THE TRADITIONAL MUSIC OF VIETNAM WITH JAZZ STYLE' is not only a beautiful new direction - blending jazz with traditional Vietnamese music - but it's a tribute to his persistence of vision against all odds.

By ABC Radio National & The Daily Plannet, Australia.

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