Mon - Sun: 9PM - 11.15PM
094.598.6336 - 024.3933.6555
No.1A Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi
Eminent Artist

Quyen Van Minh

The Excellent Artist Quyen Van Minh was born and brought up in a family with a fine musical tradition. His father was an amateur guitarist and saxophonist. His mother, a singer with a wonderful alto, had to sacrifice her artistic career under harsh living conditions to cater for her four kids. As compensation, she transferred her love for music to her children, which had a special impact on Minh’s life.


Quyen Thien Dac

I also have my own mission, which is to develop Jazz music in Vietnam and establish the Vietnamese Jazz genre. Over the years, Jazz music in Vietnam has been relatively developed compared to the rest of the world. Expressing indigenous music through the improvisational language of Jazz holds great hope for creating a unique style.
Binh Minh Jazz Club

Live Performance

Live music every night, begins at 9PM.
No.1A Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi
Eminent Artist

Quyen Van Minh

From a teenager who learned jazz through cassette tapes to becoming a revered figure known as the “Vietnamese Jazz Legend.
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Minh & Dac's Jazz CDs

Experience exquisite and emotive Jazz compositions for a truly unique musical journey.

Minh's Jazz Club

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“In the heart of the Old Quarter, Mr. Quyen Van Minh has been churning out jazz just about as long as he’s been allowed. There is no cover charge and Minh showcases some of the best local talent”

Hanoi Nightlife Travel Guide

by The New York Time

“The place in Hanoi to catch hot, live jazz. Bar owner Minh teaches saxophone at the Hanoi Conservatory and moonlights here. Jamming with a variety of musicians ranging from his talented son to top-notch international jazz players.”

Vietnam Guide

by Nick Ray, Wendy Yanagihara

“If the somtime frenetic pace and crowds of Vietnam starts to get to you this is the perfect antidote. Real live jazz played by Quyen Van Minh, a locally celebrated saxophonist who also happens to own the club and is somewhat of a jazz catalyst. Coltrane and Charlie Parker downtown Hanoi? You bet”

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Jazz Club History

since October 1997

From 1988 until now Minh has been training a large number of students and co-operating with several other artists to perform jazz regularly. From these people, a sufficient number of qualified performers were chosen to form the Red River Jazz Band. In October 1997 Vietnam’s first Jazz Club officially began its activities at the Giảng Võ Exhibition Centre, giving performances every night with the intent of increasing the skills of jazzmen as well as the awareness of and interest in Jazz among Hanoians.
Binh Minh Jazz Club

Live music every night, begins at 9PM

  • Standard and traditional Jazz
  • Latin Jazz / Funky / Blue Jazz
  • Vietnamese songs with Jazz style

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No.1A Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi
094.598.6336 - 024.3933.6555

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