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Michal Martyniuk: Nothing to Prove

Pianist Michal Martyniuk was based in based in New Zealand where he received a degree in Jazz Performance from Auckland University. His performances brought collaboration with vocalist Tama Waipara and Lewis McCallum, including playing with bands Sola Rosa, Batucada Sound Machine and holding the keyboard chair in the Nathan Haines Band, playing piano, fender Rhodes and a range of synthesizers. His latest album transpired with a conscientious decision to get back to his roots in Poland. Teaming up with a group of likeminded musicians: Jakub Skowronski – sax; Kuba Mizeracki – guitar; Bartek Chojnacki – double bass; Kuba Gudz – Drums; Miguel Funetes – conga, bongos, percussion and Tama Waipara – vocals, Nothing to Prove is a solidly poised album of greatness.

The tone and frequency of Martyniuk original composition “Back From Krakow” is one of subtle intricacies. The melody, harmonic structures and form is an innovative hybrid of modern jazz with classical compositional development and sense of balance. The written sections develop nicely, each player adds their part to create a greater whole and the quintet traverses the music. The solos are melodic but have a sense of urgency and a steadfast jazz concept with an overtone of new and experimental. Martyniuk has wonderful abilities in his solo, he offers a fluidity that leaves the listener fulfilled with musical cohesion and his sense of dead-center time feels engaged.

“River” is another example of Martyniuk’s potent compositional style that is chamber jazz in nature. The composition has multiple sections and vocalist Tama Waipara joins the band to augment the melodic color. Mizeracki’s distorted guitar sound is the perfect sound to add energy to the composition during his solo. The band’s playing is technically flawless and passionately tuneful, as a group they have a clear sound and direction. Each section of the composition is brought to life with energy and focus, even in the delicate sections, the band still performs with intent and direction. This results in music that is enjoyable to listen to again and again, each time hearing new nuances and discovering more musical surprises.

Nothing to Prove is a potent calling card for Martyniuk, his impassioned performances and masterful compositional ideas soar. Joined by an equally talented line up the album is a savory listen.

Michal Martyniuk: Nothing to Prove

Tracks to sample first: “Back From Krakow,” “River” and “Yes Or No.” The song to take a chance on is “Simple Thought.”

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