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Quyền Văn Minh (b. 1954) is not only a jazz saxophonist and lecturer at the prestigious Vietnam National Academy of Music, but he is also one of the most preeminent jazz musicians in Vietnam. Considered a pioneer in the country, Minh is often publicly recognized as the “godfather of Vietnamese jazz.” Playing Jazz in Socialist Vietnam tells the story of the music as it intertwined with Minh’s own narrative. Stan BH Tan-Tangbau details Minh’s life...

All That Jazz in Hanoi

What’s the perfect way to enjoy a summer night in Hanoi? How about some live jazz performances? It’s a gorgeous night out in town. The lake reflects the light, and streets are crowded with people seeking romantic summer night activities. The humid, tropical June nights in Hanoi are full of energy from those who brave the heat. And what could be better than to grab an ice cold glass of beer and to enjoy great...

Michal Martyniuk: Nothing to Prove

Pianist Michal Martyniuk was based in based in New Zealand where he received a degree in Jazz Performance from Auckland University. His performances brought collaboration with vocalist Tama Waipara and Lewis McCallum, including playing with bands Sola Rosa, Batucada Sound Machine and holding the keyboard chair in the Nathan Haines Band, playing piano, fender Rhodes and a range of synthesizers. His latest album transpired with a conscientious decision to get back to his roots in...

Meritorious Artist Quyen Van Minh: I’m still passionately in love with jazz

NDO – After more than five decades developing a strong attachment to music, Meritorious Artist – saxophonist Quyen Van Minh admitted that he was still passionately in love with jazz. In an interview granted to Nhan Dan Weekly, he recalled his first days discovering jazz music as well as his hope to bring Vietnamese jazz music to the world. Question: People have said that you first learnt music through the guitar. Why did you then...

A Perfect Evening in Hanoi

ThingsAsian – I’m a regular visitor to Hanoi, however my hosts keep me so busy that there’s rarely a day to spare. They always apologize for the tight schedule, and promise I’ll have time to see the sights and explore the culture on my next trip. But I don’t feel deprived. In the evenings, I’m free to sample the Hanoian versions of my favorite pleasures: food and music. On my latest visit, I enjoyed an...

Vietnamese folk melodies to accompany jazz

Vietnamese folk melodies to accompany jazz The Culture – Quyen Van Minh, a saxophonist who has never attended any course, unprecedentedly became a saxophonist instructor at the Ha Noi National Conservatory of Music. A sheer contradiction with set rules, a great surprise to all? In fact, there are composers who, never having graduated any school, learned solely from their instructors and, by serious and methodical practicing, became famous artists. Quyen Van Minh is no doubt...

Minh & Dac 1990s
Minh & family musicians on street
Minh & Family musicians

These young pictures of Quyền Văn Minh capture the essence of his passion, talent, and dedication to his musical craft. They are a treasured part of his personal history and a source of fond memories for both him and those who have followed his remarkable musical career.

Dac - HN Opera House Jan 2005
Minh_grand daughter Nga and friends_ Jan 2005
Quyen Thien Dac_Hanoi Opera House 12 January 2005 copy

The Father, Son, and Jazz Concert in 2005 featured Quyền Văn Minh and his son, Quyền Thiện Đắc, who is an accomplished saxophonist. This special event brought together the musical talents of the father and son, creating a memorable and harmonious performance.


Quyền Văn Minh’s activities in the 80s and 90s were a testament to his commitment to jazz music, solidifying his legacy as a respected jazz musician and contributing significantly to the development of jazz in Vietnam.

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